Data Acquisition & Transmission

WellRanger Multi-Gauge Data Acquisition and Control System

Designed for Single or Multi-drop Gauge Systems in Any Environment Well Ranger

The WellRanger is a Surface Read Out (SRO), Data Acquisition and Collection System (DAS) for downhole Pressure/Temperature gauges primarily used in the oil and gas industry.

Designed for digital signal transmission, the system is surface configurable for addressing multiple gauge deployments on a single line as well as multiple gauge deployments on multiple lines.

The WellRanger is also capable of handling downhole fault protection and current limiting, a requirement of most, if not all multi-drop systems currently deployed.


General Specifications

  • -40 to 75 DegC Operating Range
  • Nema 4 Enclosure

SCADA System Backplane

  • Wide 24VDC input (9-36VDC)
  • 4 Expansion card connectors, 1 optional display connector-can power and speak to 3 separate TEC lines
  • TEC line voltage input, up to 60v

Gauge Tec Line Driver Expansion Card

  • Up to 60v 675mA
  • Software configurable voltage and current limit
  • Voltage and curent waveform read-back
  • FPGA-Accelerated communications

30V Power Module

  • Wide 24VDC input (9-36V, significantly reduced when under 18V)
  • Supplies 30V power for TEC lines
  • Two Power modules can be wired in series for 60V

Analog Inputs

  • Up to four, 4-20mA inputs
  • Power to 4-20mA Inputs
  • Inputs are fully configurable through the WellRanger SCADA software Set the offset, span, units of measure and log them to memory or pass on through Modbus
  • All data stored locally with downhole data
  • All data passed on through Modbus registers

System Software Specifications

Linux Operating System

SCADA Platform

  • Up to date Software Version
  • Ethernet and RS232 interfaces for configuration, control and data transfer
  • Operates and logs data from gauges as configured by the SCADA Client
  • Configurable RS232/RS485 port function map (Comms or Modbus)
  • Modbus over RS485, Ethernet-Configurable register map
  • Configurable WellRanger title for well specific application
  • Configurable gauge naming for well specific application

SCADA Client

  • Windows, Linux and Mac versions are available
  • Connects to a SCADA unit over Ethernet or RS232
  • Configures gauges for each TEC line
  • Controls TEC line voltage and current limit
  • Monitors TEC line voltage and current
  • Views live gauge data (real time or historical)
  • Downloads gauge data to the PC for processing
  • Exports downloaded gauge data to CSV files
  • Support for Custom Software branding/logos

Base System Power

  • 24VDC
  • Idle Power-.75W (No TEC)
  • Full CPU power, Ethernet enabled-1.75W (No TEC)

Data & Diagnostic Logging & Storage

  • 8GB Flash memory for permanent data storage
  • SCADA Platform has internal storage of ~200MB available to store data
  • System continuously logs several health statistics
    • System Ambient Temperature
    • CPU Load
    • Platform Temperature
    • Disk Free memory
    • Card Free Memory
    • Current Draw from WellRanger
    • Power loss – System reboot

Data Download

  • Downloads all data into a single CSV file
  • Downloads all data into a single file with the customized “project name” and “gauge name”
  • Choose one or all gauges that have been recorded for download
  • Choose data frequency/interval to download thedata. Ranges from 2 seconds through one hour intervals.

Real-Time Local Monitoring

  • Real time monitoring of tools connected to the WellRanger displayed while connected through WellRanger software
  • Real time plotting of all connected/configured tools with current and 24 hours of historical data.
    • Custom Scaling
    • Zoom in to last ten minutes of data intervalled through 24 hours of data displayed
    • Real time numeric view of data


  • 10”x10”x6” (H x W x D)

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